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Acro has become a wide spread among the dance world as dancers and choreographers push the boundaries to add more flare into their routines. Acro derives from gymnastics/tumbling. We focus on teaching the students basic tumbling skills that give them added flexibility and agility. As they progress our student also become more adventurous to try difficult movements such front and back handsprings, back tucks, aerials, and much more. 



The Contemporary style brings in a new twist into the dance world. Within the class the students understand the use emoting through ones body and being able to understand movement to the extreme. Mixing in ballet, lyrical, and modern techniques, contemporary has become a popular style of dance. 


Ballet is a classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement. We offer the Cecchetti Method of ballet. All of our ballet teachers are certified in the different grades of the method. Within our ballet classes we give our students the opportunity to test in each grade of Cecchetti through the Cecchetti Council of America. 


Hip Hop has become all the rave. It is a street dance that primarily uses hip hop music styles. Starting with our young ones, we have a Bit-Bop class that lets kids, ages 3-6, dance around freely,using some jazz techniques. The kids learn how to apply technique to free style in fun age appropiate music. As they move forward to Hip Hop, students will be able to add their own musicality with dance moves and start to add a bit more funk in their step.  


Jazz dance has been one of the most popular dance forms around due to its television, movie, and commercial appearances.Many people find this technique to be one of the most entertaining due to its fast pace and upbeat energy. Within the class the students will be able to mix basic movements with turns, leaps and funky moves


For our young  dancers, ages 3-6, we offer Primary class which combines the basic principals of ballet with creative movement. We want our young dancers to be able to express their creativity within our class to be able to bring out their inner star. The students will be learning Ballet terminology along with working on basic Tap skills. 


Tap is a form of dance that actually allows someone to make music and rhythm through the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor. Two major variations on tap dance exist: rhythm tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses more on the dance. It is widely performed as a part of musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses more on musicality. Our students will be able to understand music and rhythm within this class. 

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Bit Bop

 With Hip Hop being all the rave, we want our primary students to have the chance to dance around freely to be able to express their inner star. Within the Bit Bop class, the students will still be able to use basic jazz technique and terminology to further their technical skills.